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Have you ever considered adding more caffeine to your life?  Yes, you read that correctly.  The benefits of caffeine extend far beyond your morning energy boost.  True enough, coffee is mostly referenced in connection with your usual morning pick-me-up but it has also been proven to have powerful anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative properties. 

Did you know that you still receive the same benefits when you add coffee to your skincare routine?  There are two compounds that heighten coffee to “superfood” status: antioxidants and caffeine.  Both can improve circulation, brighten your complexion, as well as protect, enhance, and smooth skin.  Let’s take a look at five ways our Coffee and Sugar Scrub can take your skincare regime to the next level.


1.  Be Gone Eczema
Using coffee as a body scrub gently sloughs away dead skin cells and has a reduced risk of irritation.
2.  Good Night Cellulite
The caffeine from coffee is absorbed through the skin which promotes blood vessel dilation near the skin. The increased blood flow reduces the appearance of cellulite, the freshly exfoliated skin appears smoother, and coffee has a lipolytic effect which reduces the size of fat cells by up to 17%.  That sounds like a win!
3.  Calms Inflammation
High caffeine content + high antioxidant levels = reduced inflammation.  The antioxidants in coffee can soothe red, inflamed breakouts all over your body and can also reduce inflammation-induced hyperpigmentation.  In fact, coffee contains Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) which gives it antibacterial properties which can be effective against acne and infections.
4.  Fight Wrinkles and Discoloration
Antioxidants fight free radicals and slow down the aging process by preventing damage to your DNA. Let’s not forget that the polyphenols in coffee oil have been shown to provide some protection from aging due to UVB radiation.  Aside from our daily sunscreen, we can always use extra protection from harmful sun rays, right?
5.  Wards Off Some Skin Cancers
Coffee beans contain trigonelline and when roasted, it converts into niacin a.k.a. Vitamin B3.  Niacin can be very useful in preventing non-melanoma skin cancers, making more energy available to cells, and helping to repair damaged DNA.
*Bonus: Since coffee is a natural diuretic, it’s also effective at reducing puffiness around the eyes and the increased circulation is great for combating dark circles. The Coffee and Sugar Scrub works wonders on your hands and feet too!  This not-so-secret ingredient polishes your skin to keep you smooth and glowing year round.

There you have it...five ways coffee can boost your skincare routine.  Check out Ebaata’s Coffee and Sugar Scrub for an easy way to add this superfood into your routine.

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