Full Body SetEbaata Skincare is an all organic skincare company which specializes in handmade soaps and scented Shea butter. Ebaata soaps have been described by our valued customers as "creamy, lathers well and soothing to sensitive skin." Our formulation includes a Coconut-Olive Oil blend. Its properties are extremely good at keeping the skin hydrated, delaying the aging process, leaving the skin healthy, and glowing.

Phumelele Kunene, mother, mentor, and entrepreneur was born in South Africa and raised in Swaziland. Kunene received her Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from Varsity College in Durban, South Africa then went on to pursue a career in retail banking for five years.

Kunene left the banking industry to become a fully fledged fashion designer in New York City. Kunene recently ventured into developing an all organic skincare line Ebaata Skincare and launched the brand and products to an excited audience on July 26, 2017, at Berkeley College 41st Campus in New York City.

Ebaata Skin Care is a Limited Liability Corporation, founded in January 2017 created to fulfill a need in the market. The product line includes handcrafted soaps and lightly scented Shea butter, using the cold pressed method to make the organic soaps.

Kunene uses her critical fashion designing skills to create cohesive and visually appealing products. The line solely uses all natural and organic ingredients that are carefully crafted and researched to soothe, heal and nourish the skin. The soaps exfoliate while cleansing the body, and the body butter acts as a sealant which locks in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated at all times. 

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Our name Ebaata was derived from a play of words. When Atiba Mclean, my boyfriend asked, "What's the siSwati word for butter?" - my native language. I was quick to note that, "There was no vernacular expression for the word 'butter', but rather the letter "i" appears before the word "butter" (ibutter). After a short back and forth the name Ebaata was birthed, simply because in siSwati the letter 'i' sounds like the letter "e" in English. Plus we wanted to infuse a little bit of culture and originality in our name Ebaata.