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Vibranium Cube Soap made with Aloe Vera and Moringa, infused with Eucalyptus and Orange Essential Oils
Vibranium Bar Soap
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Lemongrass Scented 8oz Family Pack Shea Butter
Lemongrass Scented Shea Butter
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Raw Rooibos Bar Soap
Raw Rooibos Bar Soap
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Neem Seed Bar Soap. Unscented Neem Seed oil bar soap soothes, moisturizes, provides eczema relief and helps acne prone skin. Some of it's qualities include a serving of oatmeal, coconut oil free and dons a strictly plant based colorant, Neem powder. Perfect option for sensitive and gentle baby skin.
Neem Bar Soap
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2 oz. Natural Hand and Body Wash! Just the perfect natural liquid soap to shield, cleanse and moisturize your hands in pandemic times.
Natural Hand & Body Cleanser
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Eye Serum
Ebaata Eye & Face Serum
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